In the pictures above are a father and his beloved son. In the left-hand cartoon, the father,smoking a cigarette and sitting comfortably on a sofa, is watching a football match on TV and shouting, “Son, study hard for me!” On the contrary, in the right-hand portrayal, at 9 p.m., the father is studying together with his son, both totally absorbed in their books. The caption
indicates, “Instead of merely making a request, set an example.”

The purpose of the pictures is to show us that utmost significance should be attached to practicing what you preach. On the one hand, parents teach much more by their actions than by their words. Some of them may say to their children, “don’t say four-letter words about so and so”, but before long the children may hear them criticize their friends and neighbors with bad
language. On the other hand, parenting is such a crucial responsibility, yet there are no required courses to prepare one to undertake this role in life. The only learning children have is the example from their own parents.

To sum up, parents are the best teachers. Obviously, if parents’ actions don’t conflict with their own words, they will have the opportunity to be outstanding examples for their children. Just as an old saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words.”





to sum up总而言之、undertake承担、prepare准备、as a old saying goes 正如一句老话所说、conflict with与……冲突;action speaks louder than words行胜于言;