As is shown in the cartoon, four youngsters are sitting at a table, ready to have dinner.Unfortunately, instead of drinking and eating from a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes,each of them is holding a mobile phone and staring at the screen, with no thought to chat or eat at all. The caption informs us that the picture shows a typical gathering in an era of mobile

Like the Internet, mobile phones have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. With mobile phones, the home can become a library, a school, an office and an entertainment center. All kinds of transactions, from banking to shopping, can be performed electronically, and all information, from train schedules to off-price merchandise, is as close as the press of a key. However, despite the increase in efficiency and convenience generated by digital products, the changes they bring could very well lead to potentially adverse consequences. For instance, as nearly all activities could be conducted on mobile phones, we might all become hermit-like, never feeling any need to leave our screens. This would be unfortunate because by becoming so addicted to the virtual world, we might never be exposed to social interactions.

From the preceding discussion, it is readily apparent that the mobile phone, as an increasingly popular tool of communication, has both its upsides and downsides. Admittedly, the mobile phone can be used in many productive and useful ways. However, people who lack self-control, such as adolescents, must limit the time they spend on digital products, or their
academic work and social lives will eventually pay the price.




nutrition营养、nutritious 营养的、nutritious dishes 有营养的菜肴、

gathering 聚集、聚会、hermit-like 隐士般的、academic 学术的、

admittedly不可否认的、诚然、preceding 前面的、transaction 贸易、业务、

caption 标题、schedule 时刻表、electric 电子的、electrics 电子学、

electronic 电子的、电子器件的、generate 生成、efficient有效率的;

efficiency 效率、效能;